Homework 4 - limits liability 8 The use of integrating IP...

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Marc Pomi 106040098 Professor Wan 2/23/09 Homework #4 Review Questions: 1. Connectivity, Natural cooling needs provided, Cheap power supply from a hydro-dam 2. The processes of gathering the information as well as the information itself. It is utilized for better business management. 3. A way to address fluctuating computer needs. It uses only as much as it needs to not excess. 4. Combining computing power of a larger number of smaller independent computers. The costs are cheaper to make but a lot of the user end of the computer is dedicated to the grid. 5. It must know itself, must be able to use different resources, Self Configuring, Self healing, Must be aware of potential dangers. 6. Stability and low cost. 7. Shrink wrap licensing is when the contract is activated when the shrink wrap is removed as opposed to enterprise licensing which is on large volumes and
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Unformatted text preview: limits liability. 8. The use of integrating IP services into all forms of technology at much lower costs. 9. Communication devices that are meant for simple communication as opposed to wireless devices that is capable of connecting to an internal network. 10. A data warehouse is integrates multiple large databases and other information sources into a single repository. A data mart is a limited data warehouse which contains selected information from the data warehouse. 11. Outsourcing is the means of relocating needed work to cheaper areas at a lower cost. 12.It doesn’t allow for fraudulent activity to occur and to maintain proper methods of business. Problems and Exercises: 1. G. 2. I. 3. C. 4. H. 5. B. 6. D. 7. F. 8. E. 9. A. 10. J....
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Homework 4 - limits liability 8 The use of integrating IP...

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