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ENZYME ACTION: EXPERIMENTS WITH TYROSINASE SECOND LABORATORY Pre-lab Write-Up, Week 2: The pre-lab write-up for the Enzyme Action lab (second experiment) should consist of a table that will act as an outline (i.e., protocol) for the experiment that you will be performing that week. Like last week, the table should show the amount of each solution (e.g., distilled water, buffered substrate, enzyme, etc.) that is to be added to each incubation tube included in the experiment. In addition, there will probably be one (or more) extra column(s) indicating other incubation conditions such as temperature, pH, substrate concentration, etc depending on which experiment you will be performing this week. I. INTRODUCTION The following experiments are designed to study the effects of various environments and treatments, (temperature, pH, substrate concentration, and enzyme storage conditions) on the initial reaction rate of the enzyme tyrosinase from a potato. Based on textbook readings, previous observations, and discussions with your instructor, construct a testable hypothesis about the effect of the parameter on the initial reaction rate of the enzyme. The hypothesis should be short, clear and capable of being supported or rejected by simple experiments. Design an experiment to test your hypothesis remembering that duplicate samples will yield greater confidence in the validity of the results. The design of a good experiment will require careful advanced planning . Read over the “Experimental Design Hints” under the appropriate section below; they will help you design your experiments. In addition, the questions under “Discussion Points” should be addressed in the Discussion section of your lab report. II. PROCEDURE AND III. ANALYSIS OF RESULTS Enzyme extract will be prepared using the same procedure as previously described. The buffered substrate will have to be modified in order to perform some of the following experiments. Assay enzyme activity spectrophotometrically using catechol as the substrate. Graph the change in absorbance as a function of time to determine initial rates of enzyme
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