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1 SOLUTIONS TO THE MIDTERM TEST 1.[20] a) possible solutions: solution 1 procedure REMOVEALL(x:element, var L:LIST) var q:position; flag:integer begin flag=0; q:=L; while q^.next<>nil begin if q^.next^.element=x then if flag=0 then begin flag:=1; q:=q^.next end else DELETE(q,L) else q:=q^next end end O(n) Solution 2 prodedure REMOVEALL(x,L) p:^celltype
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Unformatted text preview: p:=First(L) while (p&lt;&gt;END(L)) if(x = RETRIVE(p, L)) then DELETE(p, L); p:=NEXT(p,L); end time complexity is O(n). b) solution 1 procedure REMOVEALL(x:element, var L:LIST) var i,j:position begin i:=1; while (i&lt;=L.last) and (x&lt;&gt;L.elements[i]) do i:=i+1; i:=i+1; while (i&lt;=L.last) do begin...
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