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2c03-review - 00018

2c03-review - 00018 - A(x y int var z int label 1.2 S STACK...

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3 if DATA(v)=x then return(true); if LEFTMOST_CHILD(v,T)<> null then begin v:= LEFTMOST_CHILD(v,T); ENQUEUE(v,level); while RIGHT_SIBLING(v,T)<>null do begin v:=RIGHT_SIBLING(v,T); ENQUEUE(v,level); end end end return(false) end c. O(n). In worst case, all nodes are enqueueed and dequeued once. 6. procedure
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Unformatted text preview: A(x, y : int ; var z : int); label : 1. .2; S : STACK of (x, y, label); begin MAKENULL(S); 1: if x=0 or y= 0 then z:=0; else if (x mod y) =0 then z:=y else begin PUSH((x,y,2), S); goto 1 end 2: if not EMPTY(S) then begin (x, y, label):= TOP(S); POP(S); goto label end end ;...
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