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5 - DEVELOPMENT 57 Which of the following is related to IQ...

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Unformatted text preview: DEVELOPMENT 57. Which of the following is related to IQ findings among the eiderly? 3. income b. gender c. stress aealth 58. An organized way of interacting with objects in the worici is called a. assimilation @ accommodation 0. interpretation d. schema @The correct sequence of Kohlberg’s stages of moral reasoning is a. [are-ethical morality, ethical, post-ethical b. pre-conventional, conventional, principled ~~s§pre instrumental, instrumental, postinstrumentat CI. preuniversat, universal, post-universal 60. Changes in heart rate 9 used to measure an infant’s a. temperature @perception of a novel stimulus c. refiexes d. startle reflex 61. According to Piaget, egocentric thought is to preoperational stage as is to concrete operational thought. 4‘ a. symbolic .r onservation bstract d. reversibility \ . PHYSIOLOGICAL 62. Which of the following i ot a lobe of the cerebral cortex? . parietal @ventral ' Q occipital \{ frontal 63. The refers to the state of neurons which are either firing or resting. @hreshold effect b. reductionist theory c. conduction law fl. all—or—none of the above .4. The primary functions to maintain homeostasis in the body are located in the \é hypothalamus @ thalamus c. limbic system d. cerebral cortex SENSORY & PERCEPTION 65. Which of the following is not a grouping principle pr osed by Gestatt psychologists? a. connectedness wimilarity @sefulness c. proximity 66.The absolute threshold is the minimum amount of stimulation that a person needs to detect a stimulus MCM of the time Oat the beginning of a sensory experience Ron 3 subliminal level d. reliably on any occasion 67. For an event to be considered a stimutus, it must make the subject notice it enerate a response in a sense organ . be' more intense than other simitar stimuli, in most cases d. not exceed the absolute threshold for that sensory category 68. What statement is not_true about the Purkinje shift? .akwhen you shift from day vision to night vision you lose red and green ’ t sunrise you see mostly yellows and blues . . . .. .._ - -- . -9- -- I . I ~~. @ explains how we perceive accurately 9. The most frequently di ibuted sensor on the skin heat ouch c. pressure d. cold Copyright © 2009 by Richard A. Kasschau. Al! rights reserved. (Access to) This exam may not be sold. THERDIFINAL ExamlPage 5 ...
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