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8 - 98 The role of a(n authority figure is to insure that n...

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Unformatted text preview: 98. The role of a(n) authority figure is to insure that n ms, rules, and are followed. a. conformity b. isolation bcustoms d. punishments 4‘. Your , parents, peers and the media are most likely to influence your attitudes. Q ueliefs b. friends (2. norms d. stereotypes \. 100. Stereotypes ignore differences. Qindividual b. heuristic (2. social d. racial Have you followed these instructions? READ them to be SURE! IMPORTANT Before handing in your answers: 1. Select any four questions you do not wish to answer. 2. Mark Option E for those four items on your answer sheet. 3. Answer only 45 out of Questions 1-50, and 46 of Questions 51—100. 4. Stop now and grid in your last name first, your first name, and your PeopleSoft Student Identification Number on your answer sheet. Copyright© 2009 by Richard A. Kasschau. All rights reserved. (Access to) This exam may not be sold. Single copies of this exam can be made by students of Dr. Kasschau for their own personal use. No part of this exam may be reproduced or distributed in any form whatsoever, by photograph or Xeroxing or by any other means, by broadcast or transmission, by translation into any kind of language, or by recording electronically or otherwise, except a single copy reproduced by a student for him/her directly from the master copy containing this note. Pay CAREFUL ATTENTION to whom you turn in your ANSWER ' SHEET on the front stage. ENJOY your summer break. You’ve earned it! DrK Copyright © 2009 by Richard A. Kasschau. All rights reserved. (Access to) This exam may not be sold. THIRDIFlNAL ExamIPage 8 ...
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