lhsu - Budiman(2003 nvar=length(xmin ran=rand(nsample,nvar...

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function s=lhsu(xmin,xmax,nsample) % s=lhsu(xmin,xmax,nsample) % LHS from uniform distribution % Input: % xmin : min of data (1,nvar) % xmax : max of data (1,nvar) % nsample : no. of samples % Output: % s : random sample (nsample,nvar)
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Unformatted text preview: % Budiman (2003) % nvar=length(xmin); ran=rand(nsample,nvar); s=zeros(nsample,nvar); for j=1: nvar idx=randperm(nsample); P =(idx'-ran(:,j))/nsample; s(:,j) = xmin(j) + P.* (xmax(j)-xmin(j)); end...
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