quiz4 - UCSDPhysics2AFall2008Instructor:VivekSharmaQuizFour

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UCSD Physics 2A Fall 2008 Instructor : Vivek Sharma Quiz Four INSTRUCTIONS: Enter your name and code # in the bottom strip of the first page. Return the entire set of exam sheets with your scantron . Use a #2 pencil to fill your scantron. Write your code number and bubble it in under ““EXAM NUMBER””. Bubble in the quiz version (see letter A -- H at bottom of page) in your scantron under ““ EXAM VERSION””. Since Scantron accepts only letter A - D, those with exam versions E - H should enter corresponding letter from A - D in their scantron card. Ask the proctor if you need clarification. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A package of supplies is dropped from a plane, and one second later a second package is dropped. Neglecting air resistance, the distance between the falling packages will A) decrease. B) depend on their weight. C) be constant. D) depend on the speed of the plane. E) increase. 2) A swimmer heading directly across a river 200 m wide reaches the opposite bank in 6 min 40 s. She is swept downstream 480 m. How fast can she swim in still water?
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quiz4 - UCSDPhysics2AFall2008Instructor:VivekSharmaQuizFour

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