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Final Review - CSC 2700 Pre-Exam November 24, 2007 Section...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 2700 Pre-Exam November 24, 2007 Section 2 NAME: • These are preparatory exercises for the final exam. • The final exam will be a three-part exam: the first part will consist of true- false questions, the second part will consist of fill in the blanks questions, and the third part will consist of questions related to design issues and the use of classes from the AWT and Swing graphics packages. • 60-70% of the final exam will be made up of these questions. • The remaining 30-40% will based on questions from the lecture notes, classroom discussions, and programming projects. • No answers to these question will be provided to you; You must search the lecture notes and other sources to find the correct answer, if you don’t know an answer to a question. This is so because some of these questions will be given on your exam so knowing where to find the answers to these questions is as much a part of the exam as answering them on the exam. • Bluebook will be required for the exam. DURATION: 120 Minutes Table 1: Distribution of Points PART WORTH SCORE I x 1 = 30 II x 2 = 30 III x 3 = 40 Total 3 ∑ i =1 x i Exam Score 100 /25 DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. 1 1 TRUE-FALSE 1 True-False Instruction: Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. If a statement is false, correct it. A. Swing is a subset of AWT. B. Swing is an earlier version of AWT. C. All classes in Swing start with a ”J.” D. A JFrame is-a Frame is-a Container is-a Component....
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Final Review - CSC 2700 Pre-Exam November 24, 2007 Section...

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