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Reading Prompts for Fischer, Washington’s Crossing 1)Fischer says the soldiers of the opposing armies reflected the societies from which they were drawn. How did the soldiers of the Continental Army reflect the states from which it was drawn? How did its diversity challenge George Washington’s leadership skills? Every state had a different look about their troops. They were all skilled in different ways that either helped or hindered the success for their regiment. Ex: different regiments had different moral and political values as well as fighting tactics. This diversity forced Washington to become a more understanding and willing to negotiate with bother his troops and 2) What was the British strategy or plan for victory in the 1776-77 campaign? Why does Fischer call the “American task” in the war “easier?” Why did Washington call his army a “retreating army?” British Plan of victory was to attack New York and the surrounding water ways in efforts to regain all of the colonies. The American task was much easier in way of the fact that they only had to survive the war. They cold also ask larger European powers to help them in the battle against the British. The Brits has made many enemies in the Seven Years war. Though many were weary of American ideas, their hatred for Britain was much larger. Washington’s Army was a retreating army in the aspect that they became sick easily and many died. (retreated)
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Questions - Fischer - Reading Prompts for Fischer,...

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