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Assignment #1: Create a Website with a simple webpage and upload it to the ftp site Points for this assignment: 10 Objective of the assignment: · Be able to create a site through Dream Weaver · Be able to upload a website to a web server · Create a simple webpage with a title · Create an CSS file Watch the dream weaver videos posted for the week 2. Due date: The assignment is due on September 4th midnight. Tasks: 1. Create a site in Dream Weaver and upload it to the server. If you have done this already then you can skip this step. 2. In Dream Weaver on the local Files tab at the right panel add a folder named CSS, a folder images and a folder material. You achieve this by putting the mouse over the “Site Folder and click the right mouse button. The second option from the top is the new folder option. All three
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Unformatted text preview: folders must be in the root directory. 3. Create a new page using “File New” and select the first tab “Blank Page”. This will give you the option of a list of layouts. Chose column elastic, header and footer (7th from the bottom). The layout CSS at the right part of your new Document window should be “Create new file”. Doc type leave as is XHTML 1.0. When you click create it asks you for the folder name and select the CSS folder. 4. Change the Title in the title tab at the top to your full name. Change the header and text to identify yourself. 5. Save this file as index.html 6. Upload all files and folders to the FTP site. 7. Have fun with your page, we will discuss how to make the page look nice later....
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