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Assn3 - a There is a word document posted on Moodle Crash...

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Assignment #3: Importing and formatting text (50 Points) Learning Objective: Know how to import text from MS Word and understand how to format using Block and In-line formatting Complete the following tasks: 1. Revise your index file to use suitable colors. This will remain your main page for the semester. So you should update it during the semester to make it your personal webpage with your personal touch. 2. Replace the Main Content text with a description of yourself. ( you can be creative) 3. Create a new html document and save it as Assignment_3.html. 4. Under the internal links of the index page link to this assignment #3 replacing the words “Page 2”. 5. Complete the following tasks for the Assignment_3 page and upload the whole site again.
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Unformatted text preview: a. There is a word document posted on Moodle Crash Analysis DWI. Import this document into the new html Assignment_3 page. b. Change the heading Crash Analysis to an H1 font. c. Create an unordered list for the text in red. d. Create an ordered list for the text in blue. e. Also link the document at the end of the text so that it could be downloaded. f. Put a title for the page: “Alcohol Crash Report” g. Find Steven Levitt , Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and Jack Porter , on Google and link the name to the website. If there are more than one use the most suitable. h. Link BAC to the definition in Wikipedia. i. Change the font of the word alcohol to “Bold”....
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