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Assignment #4: Inserting Pictures and adding Meta Tags (70 Points) Learning Objective: · Know how to import pictures onto a webpage · Know how to add meta keywords and meta description to your page In this assignment we want to work with the index page to create a better looking design, add pictures and Meta description and Meta text. Please watch the videos and follow the steps. Please note that in Dream Weaver CS4 the Meta menu can be viewed using the classic view on the common tab. Complete the following tasks: 1. Revise your index file to use light colors. If you use dark colors you have to use light text for
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Unformatted text preview: contrast, otherwise your text is difficult to read. 2. Insert Title: Use your name as a title 3. Insert META keywords: use 10 keywords that describe your page <250 characters 4. Insert META description: describe your page <250 characters. 5. Write a short description in the right side bar below your links. 6. Insert 2 pictures in the right sidebar. Insert a title for the picture in the alt tag. 7. Upload all files to the server....
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