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Assn8 - 1 Add two pictures in the sidebar Use css#sidebar...

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Assignment #8: Using CSS for inserting pictures Learning Objective: Understand how to use CSS to control pictures Use the landing page “Assignment # 7” to create assignment #8. Save the Assignment_7 page as Assignment_8 and link to your index page as the past assignmmnets. Check my example I posted on the web. http://isdsclass.bus.lsu.edu/isds3105fall09/schneider/ for assignment_8. Follow the instructions on the DreamWeaver videos to perform the following tasks:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Add two pictures in the sidebar. Use css ( #sidebar img and #sidebar img.gallery) to center them with padding and frame. (see my example) 2. Link both pictures to other websites. (see my example) 3. Add text in the main content and add a small picture align left so that the text wraps around it. 4. Add a hot spot to this picture and link it to an external website....
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