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Final Assignment: Prepare a website for a new or existing business adventure The website must be viewable in all browsers and include the following items: A. Keyword search similar to Assignment 9 a. Title related to the business b. Meta Keywords c. Meta description d. Check keyword density with: B. The website must have: a. An Index page plus two additional web pages. b. Create a site map in Visio. Save it as an html file. Link it to the index file as “Visio site Map”. So that I can see it. c. Create also a simple site map which has only the pages of your site listed. See my example in the footer. d. Each web page has i. Wrapper
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Main content iii. One or two sidebars left and/or right iv. At least two pictures related to the business v. At least two external links vi. A link to the location on Google Map vii. An email link with a contact viii. A footer with your name ix. All links to external websites must open a new window. Points: 350 • 50 points for the keyword search • 50 points for keyword optimization • 150 points for required website features • 25 points for Visio Site Map • 25 points for meaningful (i.e. business related) choice of pictures • 25 points for looks, creativity and overall design • 25 points for error free website...
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