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Assignment # 2: Property Inspector- Changing colors and font. Learning objective: Be able to create a new page and the change property of individual parts of the site. Points: 50 1. Rename your existing index file from index.html to index1.html. 2. Create a new blank page using the file menu. 3. Chose a layout 3 column elastic header and footer with the new CSS file attached and placed in the CSS folder. 4. Change title to Assignmen2 “Schneider” where “Schneider” is your name 5. Save as index.html 6. Use the CSS property inspector to change the color of the heading to purple and change the heading from “Header” to ISDS 3105. 7. Create a list in the left sidebar: LSU, ISDS, traffic crashes 8. Link these to http:// , , and respectively. 9. Change the header of the left side bar to “External Links” and change the color to purple.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Change the main content letters to blue using the CSS property inspector. 11. Change the header of the right side bar to Internal Links and add a list: My old file, Page 1 and Page 2. Link My old page to index1.html 12. Change background color of the Main Content to gold by changing the CSS file property. 13. Change background color of header, left and right side bar to light yellow. 14. Change the footer text to Google and link to 15. Select the content area and change the background color to green. 16. Select Page Property and change background color to purple. 17. Change font in the main content to Italic. 18. Change header font to Comic Sans MS, cursive. 19. Upload your files to the server. (Overwrite all when prompted.) 20. View your page in a browser, check the colors and the links....
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