essay #6 part - Jennifer Li Peter Lavelle Agriculture...

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Jennifer Li Peter Lavelle Agriculture Development in Modern China Essay #2 For the past decades, the Chinese have begun to realize the significance of environmental protection and how the environment affects them; thus, starting from the 1980s, protests have taken place when the Chinese people discovered the damages the government had done to the environment for economic success. The dissent grew as the polluted environment showed its effects on the locals when many people suddenly became sick and animals began to die. This led to the many protests, some extreme and some mild, and forced the Chinese government to investigate in bribery in local levels and also what regulations should be implemented in order to protect the environment. Through different forms of demonstrations and lawsuits, the Chinese and Taiwanese people protested against the government to improve environmental issues; however, the majority of the Chinese and Taiwanese population rarely cared about such environmental problems unless they came into conflict with their interests. Religion takes role in influencing people’s actions in Taiwan. Though religion is not the sole reason of the Taiwanese people’s protesting, it is what people turn to for moral support and comfort. As said by the author of
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essay #6 part - Jennifer Li Peter Lavelle Agriculture...

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