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my kind of reading (1)

my kind of reading (1) - Li 1 Jennifer Li Peter Lavelle...

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Li 1 Jennifer Li 10/04/09 Peter Lavelle Environment and Agriculture in Modern China The Commonality of Various Styles of Chinese Agriculture For the past thousands of years, agriculture has played an important role in shaping the life style and economy in China. The fact that China expands over a huge landscape leads to the significantly diverse styles of plantation in different regions due to the climate and weather. Though the peasants in China do not use the same farming techniques, there are certain principles that dominate the way things are executed in the field. Besides learning about agriculture in China through written texts by scholars, vivid images provide more direct insight of what agricultural life looks like in China. As seen in the photo collection of Sidney D. Gamble, a sociologist who visited China during the early twentieth century, efficiency and functionality are the main factors that influence the way Chinese peasants operate in the field. Animals are of great assistant to the peasants since many tasks in the field require much labor force such as threshing, plowing, and carrying crops during harvest seasons. According to Martin Yang, the author of “A Chinese Village”, donkey is the most common help in the field since “it is the cheapest….Practically every family has a donkey. They are used for every kind of transportation and in many ways domestic” (Yang 25). This usefulness of donkey is evident in the photo labeled “Threshing Floor”, where a donkey with a bag full of crops in its back stands
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Li 2 next to a group of men who are working under the hot sun to cut the plants, gather them, then thresh them on the ground. The idea of having an animal ties in closely with “the principle of
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my kind of reading (1) - Li 1 Jennifer Li Peter Lavelle...

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