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summaries week3

summaries week3 - Jennifer Li Summaries Tuan"Discrepancies...

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Jennifer Li 09/14/09 Summaries Tuan, "Discrepancies between Environmental Attitude and Behavior" For most of the world, China seems to be executing its actions accordingly to its attitude about nature. Often time contrasts are made between China and the West where China tries to achieve a balance between nature and man while the West treats nature as subordinate to man. The truth is, China has built an illusion that human development can blend into nature well. In the past, Chinese philosophers have emphasized the importance of preserving nature; however, modernization in China has gone against this principle, for example—trees in Shan-Hsi were cut down unlimitedly to make living space for the people. So in this sense, the Chinese do not necessarily carry out actions that follow the ancient principles. Thinking of the West, even though they seem to be more aggressive and more human oriented, their attitudes do correspond to their actions. In ancient Greece, the Greeks believed that nature is sacred thus they built many
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