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Jennifer Li Summaries Elvin Over the past three thousand years, China has moved from the ecological economic system to developmental economics then to a relatively mature economy. In each stage, there is a development of economy from primal instincts to profits of the landlords, and to a consumer demand based market. As the Chinese go on and explore the land to sustain themselves, the environment is also being destroyed due to inefficient use of resources and expansion of living space. Due to the ever-growing population and political power expansion in China, change and environmental damage is inevitable if China hopes to sustain its large population while moving
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Unformatted text preview: forward in development. • Purdue Sustainable development is a market economy that attracts foreign investment while raising agricultural input. Some Chinese believe that environmental protection and economic reconstruction can both be done at the same time and they are not ignorant to the fact that development leads to environmental damage as seen in Agenda21 and the Three Gorges Dam project. It is difficult to achieve the goal of balancing environmental protection with development if the local interests do not reach a consensus with the community and balance economic growth with forces of nature....
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