the Wave

The wave

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Unformatted text preview: An Encounter of Time and Sand @Wave Time 石波驚艷 用心遊世界 一指定乾坤 之最新系列 Latest addition to the Lee family collection of Latest Impressions of Roads Less Traveled Impressions Copyrights © 2005 Copyrights by James & Carolyn Lee 李鎮樟 陳純華 Formed 190 million years while dinosaurs used to rule the world in Jurassic period, by cross-bending of sands, later by petrifaction of the Jurassic bending sands, Coyote Buttes has been carved by wind into an unique landscape sands, scape not found anywhere else in the world. It is very well named “the Wave”, and is under strict wilderness protection by Bureau of Land Management and gement and lucky visitors with permits. I am sure your first reaction will be and ill “unbelievably beautiful”, just like all the visitors do when they first arrive just at the Wave the 石濤谷位於美國科羅拉多高原,其形成可追溯到一億九千萬年前恐 龍統治地球的侏羅紀,基本上它是風積砂岩交錯層,經過億萬年的 自然時空塑造,形成世界第一的特殊景觀。自從十餘年前被發現以 來,石濤谷受到美國土地管理局嚴密保護,完全保持荒野原狀, 每 天只發極少張許可。 欲申請者,可於七個月前申請。幸運進入此世 界第一奇景之世界公民,亦極力保護此 石波天境 South Coyote Buttes, prelude of the Wave Copyrights © 2005 James & Carolyn Lee Twin Peaks on the way to the Wave Copyright...
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