Davoya Nazeer-Unit 2-Paper 1

Davoya Nazeer-Unit 2-Paper 1 - LeadershipTheory1

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                                                                                           Organizational Learning Theory and Transformational  Leadership Theory 1                         Organizational Learning Theory and Transformational Leadership  Theory Davoya C. Nazeer Kaplan University MT104 -09AU
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                                                                                           Organizational Learning Theory and Transformational  Leadership Theory 2 Based upon curriculum reading and video presentation, in my opinion the  management theory I feel was the most important theory, for previous business  management, is the contingency approach.  The contingency approach, which gained  prominence in the late 60’s and is the outgrowth of the systems approach, identifies key  variables, understands relationships among variables and recognizes the cause and  effect of managerial decisions. In my opinion, there are two management theories that I feel are important for  present day business relationships and could work will in conjunction: Organizational  Learning and Transformational Leadership Theories. Organizational learning theory, adapted by Chris Argyris in 1978, (single-loop, 
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Davoya Nazeer-Unit 2-Paper 1 - LeadershipTheory1

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