Chapter35 - Chapter35 SoleProprietorships andFranchises...

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Chapter 35  Sole Proprietorships and Franchises Introduction Entrepreneurs wishing to  start a new business must be  aware of advantages and  disadvantages of various  business entities for their  endeavor. Consider: Ease of creation. Owners’ liability. Tax considerations. Need for Capital. § 1:  Sole Proprietorships Major disadvantage is that  the owner is personally liable  for all losses or liabilities  incurred by the business enterprise.  CASE 35.1   Garden City Boxing Club, Inc. v. Dominguez   (2006). § 2: Franchises Franchise     : agreement so that Franchisor  (Owner of trademark, trade name or copyright)  licenses Franchisee  to use the trade mark, trade name or copyright in the sale of goods  or services. Types of Franchises: Distributorship. Chain Style Business Operation.
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Chapter35 - Chapter35 SoleProprietorships andFranchises...

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