Outline for Students with Key Concepts

Outline for Students with Key Concepts - CONTRACT LAW...

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CONTRACT LAW OUTLINE I. Introduction to Contracts a. Agreement b. Genuineness of Assent i. Communication ii. Consideration iii. Capacity iv. Legality v. Form c. Bilateral v. Unilateral Contracts d. Formal v. Informal Contracts e. Express v. Implied Contracts f. Executed v. Executory Contracts g. Valid v. Voidable v. Unenforceable v. Void h. Quasi Contracts i. Contract Interpretation i. Objective Theory of Contracts and the Reasonable Man Standard ii. Plain Meaning Rule iii. Rules of Interpretation II. Agreement a. b. Offer i. Intent to Offer ii. Definiteness iii. Communication c. Acceptance i. Communication ii. iii. Effective Time of Acceptance d. Revoking an Offer i. Unilateral v. Bilateral Contracts ii. Option Contracts iii. Consideration iv. Promissory Estoppel e. Rejection and Counteroffer i. Rejection ii. f. Termination of Offer by Law g. Acceptance by Silence III. Consideration a. Legally Sufficient v. Economically Sufficient b. Types of Insufficient Consideration
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c. Uncertain Obligations d. Accord and Satisfaction e. Releases and Covenants not to Sue f. Promissory Estoppel g. Charitable Subscriptions IV. Contractual Capacity a. Definition b. Minors i. Disaffirmance ii. Exceptions 1. Misrepresentations 2. Necessaries 3. Emancipation iii. Minors’ and Parents’ Liabilities c. Mentally Impaired Persons d. Intoxication Persons e. Ratification i. Express ii. Implied V. Legality a. Contracts Contrary to Statute b. Contracts in Restraint of Trade
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Outline for Students with Key Concepts - CONTRACT LAW...

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