second S - Business 210 Business Law Fall 2009 Semester BUS...

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Business 210 – Business Law Fall 2009 Semester BUS 210a: Monday and Wednesday 17:45 – 19:00 MB 4A BUS 210b: Monday and Thursday 16:00 – 17:45 MB 4A BUS 210c: Monday and Thursday 14:15 – 15:30 MB 4A Professor: Asen Parachkevov Office 220c Contact Information: Ext. 404 / [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION AND LEARNING OUTCOMES The course is focused on American business law principles, though many of the legal concepts that you are going to learn in class carry over jurisdictions. The course should equip business students with an introduction to the legal environment in which business operates in the US. By the end of the course students should recognize some of the many legal issues encountered in business, develop strategies to avoid legal problems, think critically about legal issues, and develop an understanding of the legal principles used by courts in common law countries to resolve legal issues. The course is divided into five “modules”. The first two weeks of class are devoted to introducing students to the US common law system through discussions of jurisprudential philosophy, court procedure and federalist principles. The next three and a half weeks deal with contract law. The third module deals with corporations law, the fourth with sales and the UCC (the module is likely to be dropped because of time constraints), and the fifth with bankruptcy law. The last module is reserved for contemporary topics in business law, such as alternative investment vehicles and leveraged buy-outs. Students will also learn, through doing, how to lead discussion in group settings, how to direct a group, and how to motivate and facilitate group work, all of which is essential for success in the modern business world. COURSE MATERIALS Clarkson, Miller, Jentz, Cross , West’s Business Law (11th ed.) . This book is available in the bookstore on a lease basis at a reasonable price. It is absolutely essential that you have a book of your own. The reading assignments are considerable, in-class discussions will require you to consult the text to give informed answers, and one or more exams may be open book. This text is an American text and therefore its focus is on American Business Law. Please be advised that the focus of the course will be mainly on American law and its legal system. However, much of what we learn is also applicable internationally. Where matters are different in Europe, it will be helpful if students could raise this in discussion groups. Various other cases and materials will be used. Links to these will be posted on DOTLRN, or they will be scanned and posted there. Please make sure to check the
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DOTLRN regularly and printout all materials and bring them to class. A
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second S - Business 210 Business Law Fall 2009 Semester BUS...

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