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AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN BULGARIA INTRODUCTORY ACCOUNTING I SYLLABUS Course: BUS 208b – TF 10:45 am – 12:00 pm Instructor: Zlatinka Gougoumanova Class location: MB 4A Office: MB 242 Semester: FALL 2008 E-mail: Office phone: (+359 73) 888 413 Office hours: T 3-5 pm, R 2-4 pm, or by appointment Description : This course represents an introduction covering the fundamental accounting equation, basic principles of accounting measurements, accounting cycle, construction of financial statements, and asset analysis and valuation. 3 Credit Hours. Objective : This course seeks to show the structure within which financial information is engineered for use by decision makers. Specifically, the course seeks to help students a) be conversant in the language of business, b) develop competencies in the functional areas of management, and c) possess analytical skills necessary to make effective and efficient decisions in the organizational context. Evaluation : Grades are the weighted mean of these scores: Attendance and Participation 15% Homework (three, 5 points each) 15 Excel Tutorials (two, 10 points each) 20 Quizzes (two, 10 points each) 20 Midterm Exam 15 Final Exam 15 TOTAL 100% A is > 89%; B is 80-89%; C is 70-79%; D is 60-69%; F is <60%. Pluses and minuses
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This note was uploaded on 12/10/2009 for the course BUS 311 taught by Professor Fas during the Spring '09 term at American University in Bulgaria.

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