08 - Critiques of the first New Deal-Business...

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Critiques of the first New Deal -Business community -Huey Long- early supporter of FDR; radical populist -Francis Townsend -Father Charles Coughlin- elimination of Federal Reserve System -Supreme Court declared NIRA unconstitutional; labor unrest The Second New Deal as a change in strategy Share our Wealth clubs- Huey Long; redistribution of wealth Second New Deal -Works Progress Administration (WPA) 1935 -National Youth Administration -Wagner Act (creating the National Labor Relations Board NLRB) 1935 -Social Security Act 1935 Third Stage -Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenancy Act (creating the Farm Security Administration) 1937 -Wagner-Steagall National Housing Act 1937 -Fair Labor Standards Act 1938 Essay Ideas Discuss the impact of the steel frame buildings and how it transformed cities across the nation Discuss the steps taken by the Radicals during the period of Reconstruction to help put back together the Union in their image and why their attempt might be considered a failure Try to hit four different time periods to validly convey your points Describe, in an essay form, the immediate causes for the United States’ involvement in the two world wars. Compare and contrast both the underlying
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08 - Critiques of the first New Deal-Business...

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