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8/24/2009 1 Welcome to Organic Chemistry 1 CHEM 3311-100 Course websites: CU Learn and Margaret R. Asirvatham [email protected] August 24, 2009 Learning Organic Chemistry Relevance of chemistry to life, health, nutrition, and disease in the context of the chemistry/biology interface. Learning organic chemistry is in some ways similar to learning a foreign language; you must master the vocabulary and grammar before you can think like an organic chemist. You will frequently apply concepts from your general chemistry repertoire. Pre-requisites and Co-requisites Pre-requisite : Grade of C- or better in CHEM 1131 or CHEM 1171 or CHEN 1211/CHEM 1221 (or the equivalent transfer or AP credit). A student cannot enroll concurrently in CHEM 3311 (OCHEM 1) and CHEM 1131 (General Chemistry 2) or CHEN 1211/CHEM 1221 (General Chemistry for Engineers). Students not meeting pre-requisites will be administratively dropped. Unusual circumstances, please check with instructor in person. Co-requisite : CHEM 3321 is a 1-credit laboratory course that is graded independently from CHEM 3311. Students missing first lab session may be dropped from lecture and laboratory courses. See Patty Feist in Ekeley M1B48 for lab-related questions. Professor Asirvatham is not involved in the lab course. Office Hours Location and times to be announced. Exam weeks: Review sessions will be held on Wednesdays 5-7 PM in Ekeley E1B20. Marc Loudon, Organic Chemistry, 5 th edition (required) Accompanying solutions manual is highly recommended. Assigned problems will be referenced to 5 th edition Molecular modeling kit for organic chemistry, available in the campus bookstore, is highly recommended as a learning tool. For pedagogical reasons, we will cover Chapters 1-11, followed by 14 and 15. Highly recommended you follow reading sequence listed in online file labeled “Schedule & Recommended Problems” Grading Your grade in the course will be assessed using your performance in these mandatory activities: Three (3) hour exams, 100 points each 300 Cumulative final exam 200 Recitation quizzes (5 best of 7), 20 points each 100 Sapling Online (Electronic) Homework (10 best of 13) 75 Class Participation using RF clickers 50 Research Paper on a unique molecule at the chemistry/biology interface 25 Total points 750
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8/24/2009 2 Exams Exam 1 Thurs, Sept. 24 7:00 – 9:00 PM HUMANITIES 150 & 1B50 Exam 2 Thurs, Oct. 22 7:00 – 9:00 PM HUMANITIES 150 & 1B50 Exam 3 Thurs, Nov. 19 7:00 – 9:00 PM HUMANITIES 150 & 1B50 Final Exam Mon, Dec. 14 10:30 AM-1:00 PM To be announced Seating assignment for exams announced in lecture NO MAKE-UP EXAMS and no alternative testing times unless you have a documented disability (see Disability Accommodation, below) . Hour exams
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Intro - 8/24/2009 Welcome to Organic Chemistry 1 CHEM...

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