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CHEM 3311-100 Research Paper, Fall 2009 University of Colorado-Boulder Margaret R. Asirvatham Expectations 1. Two-page, typed (single-spaced) report , submitted as a SINGLE PDF file attached to email message to me by 5:00 PM on Friday, October 30 . Include your name on the paper! 2. Suitable title, and structure of your organic molecule; label functional groups and stereogenic centers (if present) 3. Why is this molecule important? How does it function (reactivity) in living systems (chemistry & biology interface) including available information such as binding to receptors, activation/inhibition of enzymes, etc.? 4. How well is the mode of action (mechanism) understood? Is it synthesized in living systems or synthesized by scientists? What are the pros and cons of using this (these) molecule(s)? Have more effective molecules been found or synthesized? Why or why not? 5. Write 2-3 statements about why you selected this molecule. 6. Bibliography (at least 3 references from scientifically valid
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