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CHEM 1251 1 Additional Learning and Practice Resources: Nomenclature These are recitation materials developed for CHEM 1111. You may find it useful to print, cut, and sort the cards on Page 2 in order to summarize for yourself patterns in naming among both covalent and ionic compounds. There is a table for additional practice at the end, followed by the answers. INTRODUCTION This activity will help you with recognizing ionic and covalent compounds, writing correct formulas and naming compounds. Consider this . . . The following is an excerpt from an article in Natural History 5/98 by Neil de Grasse Tyson: Nathan Zohner, a student at Eagle Rock Junior High School in Idaho, conducted a clever science - fair experiment that tested anti - technology sentiments and associated chemical phobias in 1997. He invited people to sign a petition that demanded either strict control of, or a total ban on, dihydrogen monoxide. He listed some of the odious properties of this colorless and odorless substance: 1. It is a major component of acid rain. 2. It eventually dissolves nearly anything it comes into contact with. 3. It is lethal if accidentally inhaled. 4. It can cause severe burns in its gaseous state. 5. It has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients. Forty - three out of fifty people approached by Zohner signed the petition to ban the substance, six were undecided, and one was a strong supporter of dihydrogen monoxide and refused to sign. What would you do?
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RelativeResourceManager - C H E M 1 251 Additional Learning...

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