Chapter 1 and 2 summary

Chapter 1 and 2 summary - Chris Khan 2006 Substancea form...

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Chris Khan 2006 Substance —a form of matter that has a definite composition and distinct properties Mixture —a combination of 2+ substances in which they retain their distinct ID’s Homogeneous mixture— where composition of mixture is same throughout Heterogeneous mixture— where composition is not uniform Element— cannot be separated physically Compound— substance of 2+ elements chemically united in fixed proportion Physical Property— can be observed without changing ID of substance Chemical Property— must make chemical change to observe Extensive Property— depends on amount of matter being considered Intensive Property— does not depend on amount of matter Mass— quantity of matter; Volume —length cubed; Density— mass/volume Macroscopic Properties— can be determined directly Microscopic Properties— must be determined by indirect method SI Units— internationally used: meter, kilogram, second, ampere, Kelvin, mole, joule, and cubic meter SI Prefixes— tera, giga, mega, kilo, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano pico Significant Figures —meaningful digits in a calculated quantity, based on the least amount of sig figs used in the calculation Dimensional Analysis —to solve for another unit by conversion; multiply given amount by conversion factor [i.e. 240 pennies * 1 dollar/100 pennies] John Dalton
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Chapter 1 and 2 summary - Chris Khan 2006 Substancea form...

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