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1 . (10 points) Sulfur is a (metal) (nonmetal) (metalloid) _______________ with a symbol of ____________ and an atomic number of _____________. It is in Group __________ and in period _____________ of the periodic table. The element has ____________ protons in the nucleus. A sulfide ion has the formula ______________ and has _____________ electro n s . The most abundant isotope of sulfur is 32 S, an isotope with _____________ neutrons in the nucleus. A metal in the same period as sulfur would be ____________________ (give its name or symbol) . 2 . (14 points) Complete the following table of names and form u l a s . 3 . (3 points) Give the name or formula of each of the following nonionic c o m p o u n d s . 4 . (4 points) In one of the boxes below sketch an atomic level view of solid iron. In the other box, sketch a molecular level view of nitrogen gas. Use a circle to re p resent an atom. Include at least 20 atoms of iron or of nitrogen in your drawing. Name __________________________________________ Page 1 C a t i o n A n i o n F o rm u l a N a m e Al 3+ Al(OH) 3 copper(II) carbonate Mg 2+ ClO 4 - iron(III) oxide Ni 2+ CH 3 CO 2 - Cu 2+ CuSO 4 N a m e F o rm u l a nitrogen dioxide ammonia HBr I ron metal N i t rogen gas
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