Exam 1 key - K*f \T. Cech TA Name (or Lab Section): Hour...

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\- 1.(6 pts.) Write the formula for \- (a) potassium oxide, K . O (b) ammonium sutrate: (UVlr ). SO, (c) calcium phosphate: C -,€O *) . 2.(4 pts.) Name (a) Fe(Noz)g: (b) CuzCOg: (or'- put aee;, ) K*f Name: TA Name (or Lab Section): Hour Exam #1 T. Cech Check to make sure that your exam has 13 problems. Work out each problem in the space provided, using the back of the sheet if you need more space for calculations. We can try to give you partial credit only if your work in neat enough for us to follow your progress. lf it's a complicated calculation, CIRCLE THE FINAL ANSWER you'd like us to grade. A periodic table is attached to the back of the exam. The following information may also be useful: Avogadro's number = 6.022 x 1023 mol-1 1 ton = 2000. lb 1 kg =2.2 lb the following compounds iro* (ro) v,itrite e o r3er (r) ",a'tbr ",a*re 3.(4 pts.) ldentify the element ?3 t
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L (b) la l.i,x^x?r9r+ xlnr,,__ xt_o?o3.x |*0 = ls.*,ryg -tor,t ?_zo.(,.1_ k3 66.a,lt)83 how many molecules is this? \3,?,*8 t (.0"2 -lo?3 w,ort.e.e*uL** e t.Sl Y I 02( *olpeul*s \- 6.(10pts.)CalculatethemasSinlaughinggas(Ne0)' reporting the answer lfr signilicant figures.? Z f1. &r * 'ft * y r loo -= 69.6 "/o Ltq.o K*T 4.(6 pts). The i"r !f Co3+ contains how many protons? Z1
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Exam 1 key - K*f \T. Cech TA Name (or Lab Section): Hour...

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