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Lecture 11.2.09 - A. Zero B. One C. Two D. Three E. Four 3...

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Monday, November 2Monday, November 2 CHEM 1251, Fall 2009CHEM 1251, Fall 2009 1 Draw a Lewis structure for HCN. How many single, double, and triple bonds do you get? A. 2 single bonds B. 1 single and 1 double bond C. 2 double bonds D. 1 single and 1 triple bond E. 1 double and 1 triple bond 2 Draw a Lewis structure for HNO. How many total lone pairs do you get?
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Unformatted text preview: A. Zero B. One C. Two D. Three E. Four 3 Which bond is weakest? A. H-H B. C-C C. O=O D. Cl-Cl 4 Additional Information Answers to today s clicker questions ( CQs ) CQ #1: D CQ #2: D CQ #3: D Preparing for future learning Read Chapter 9, Sections 9.1 - 9.5...
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