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ES3 Lab 4 - Tufts University School of Engineering...

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Tufts University School of Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ES3 - Introduction to Electrical Circuits Fall 2009 Experiment #4 Amplification, Impedance, and Frequency Response Purpose:
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The purpose of this lab was to use the breadboard and circuit material to determine the thevenin equivalent circuit for an amplifier chip, as well as to use oscilloscope to measure the amount by which the amplifier increases the gain. Finally, a bode plot was created to show the relation of gain to frequency (where the frequency scale was logarithmic). Introduction: In this lab, knowledge of certain equations was necessary in order to calculate the voltage gain: = Av voutvin And the gain: = Av 20log10voutvin In order to find the impedance of a capacitor, one must know that: = ZC 1jωC Or that the impedance of a capacitor equals the inverse of the square root of -1 multiplied by the angular velocity and the capacitance. In order to create the correct sinusoidal waveform for voltage on the oscilloscope, the equation: = Vt vasin2πft should be known. In this lab specifically, the value for va will be 0.025 V (0-pk), and the value for f should be 1000 Hz. The equation to calculate the theoretical voltage across the 50Ω resistor in the circuit: In order to find the thevenin resistance of the amplifier circuit, the equation from lab 3, = * + Vout Vth RLRL Rth should be known, where R L is the resistance across the speaker. Materials
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ES3 Lab 4 - Tufts University School of Engineering...

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