GenEd 110 paper #1 - Religion in Ancient Culture Devon...

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Religion in Ancient Culture Devon Schmidt 11100567 GenEd 110 Throughout history, people have found religion and philosophy to give them a meaning of why they are here and what their purpose is in the world. The world has hundreds of religions that have influenced and changed lives for the better. Science was unfamiliar in the first civilizations so people looked towards religion to help them understand the world and their purpose on earth. The spread and impact religion has set upon the world is one of the greatest accomplishments in history and is still thriving in today’s culture. The earliest known religion had a great impact on the Mesopotamian culture and affected all aspects of life. When “ferocious floods, heavy downpours, scorching winds, and oppressive humidity” (World Civilizations 1 Pg. 14) hit the Mesopotamian culture, it convinced the Mesopotamians that supernatural forces controlled the world that is also known as polytheism. The four main deities were “An, god of the sky and most important force of the universe; Enlil, god of the wind; Enki, god of the earth, rivers, wells, and canals; and Ninhursaga, a goddess associated with soil, mountains, vegetation, and “mother of all children.” These gods helped mankind in many different ways. They tied people together in social groups and provided what they needed to survive. The Mesopotamian culture relates to today’s society for many reasons. "It is important to observe that even though the Mesopotamians were ancient people, who believed in their own Gods, it relates to our current society in a great way. They believed in forming
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GenEd 110 paper #1 - Religion in Ancient Culture Devon...

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