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Week_7_Cardiovascular - Cardiovascul ar Heart Anatomy...

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Unformatted text preview: Cardiovascul ar Heart Anatomy Cardiac Muscle • Looks striated • Cells are electrically coupled via gap junctions • Lots of vascular support • Involuntary Vein: Carry blood toward the heart. Artery: Carry blood away from the heart Mnemonic: VEIN: ARRIVE ARTERY: LEAVE Superior/Inferior Vena Cava Right Auricle Left Auricle Aortic arch Right Auricle Pulmonary trunk Pulmonary Veins Pulmonary Artery Tricuspid Valve Bicuspid valve Right Ventricle Left Ventricle Interventricular sulcus Interventricular septum Second activity: Sheep heart dissection: Second activity: Sheep heart dissection: Right Auricle Left Auricle Right Ventricle Interventricular groove or sulcus Left Ventricle Apex Place the heart with the anterior view faced towards you. Then perform a coronal (frontal) section of the Heart as indicated: Tricuspid Valve: Between right atrium and right ventricle Right atrium Left Atrium Right Ventricle Bicuspid Valve: Between left atrium and left ventricle Chordae tendineae Papillary muscle Left Ventricle Interventricular septum Interventricular septum Apex W acky Situations Fetal Circulation What’s different? Why is it different? ...
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