Body_Parts_and_Regions - Antecubital Antebrachial Palmar...

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Body Parts and Regions Cranial Frontal Occipital Orbital Otic Nasal Oral Buccal Mental Cervical Nuchal Pectoral Clavicular Scapular Sternal Mammary Abdominal Umbilical
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Dorsal Vertebral Acromial Axillary Brachial Olecranon
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Unformatted text preview: Antecubital Antebrachial Palmar Digital Carpal Manual Dorsum Waist (7) Coxal Pelvic Inguinal Pubic Sacral Gluteal Perineal Legs (6, 5) Femoral Patellar Popliteal Crural Sural Pedal Talus Dorsum Digital Plantar Calcaneal...
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Body_Parts_and_Regions - Antecubital Antebrachial Palmar...

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