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Lab_2_Study_Sheet[1] - ZO212LAB#2StudySheet ....

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ZO 212 LAB #2 Study Sheet Please make sure to complete the following either in class or out of class.  You will be held responsible  for all material listed below and any additional material assigned during lab. Exercise #11:  The Skin (Integumentary System ) 1. Identify the following structures on a diagram (or photomicrograph), model, and slide as denoted. Skin Structure Identify on  slide Identify of model Identify on  figure arrector pili muscle no yes yes dermal papillae yes yes yes dermis yes yes yes eccrine sweat  gland yes yes yes epidermis yes yes yes free nerve ending no yes yes hair follicle yes yes yes hair root no yes yes hair shaft yes yes yes hypodermis yes yes yes Meissner’s  corpuscle no yes yes melanocytes yes yes yes Pacinian corpuscle yes yes yes sebaceous gland yes yes yes stratum basale yes yes yes stratum corneum yes yes yes stratum  granulosum no yes yes stratum lucidum yes yes yes stratum spinosum no yes yes 2.
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  • Spring '09
  • NickSeward
  • stratum lucidum stratum, bone Occipital bone, bone Temporal bone, Carpals Clavicle Femur Fibula Humerus Ilium Ischium Metacarpals Patella Phalanges Pubis Radius Rib Scapula Sternum Talus Tarsals Tibia Ulna Vertebra

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Lab_2_Study_Sheet[1] - ZO212LAB#2StudySheet ....

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