Week_7_Wacky_Situations - Brain Circulation Internal...

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Wacky Situations Fetal Circulation Placenta Umbilical a. Umbilical v. Ductus Venosus Ductus Arteriosus Foramen Ovale Hepatic Portal System Superior/Inferior mesenteric vv. Splenic v.
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Hepatic Portal v. Left/Middle/Right Hepatic vv. What’s the relationship between the Hepatic Portal Vein and the Cystic Ducts???
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Unformatted text preview: Brain Circulation Internal carotid a. Vertebral aa. Basilar a. Anterior/Middle/Posterior Cerebral aa. Circle of Willis Coronary Circulation Left/Right Coronary aa. Anterior/Posterior Interventricular aa. Great/Small Cardiac vv. Coronary Sinus...
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Week_7_Wacky_Situations - Brain Circulation Internal...

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