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protein purification - Maria Tsiolkas Protein Purification...

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Maria Tsiolkas Protein Purification Bio 183L:211 Michele Toney March 23, 2009 April 12, 2009 Meghan Shelton Sara Dantism Natalie Mabrey
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Purification of Green Fluorescent Protein from Genetically Transformed E. Coli Cells Using Column Chromatography. Abstract: To show whether or not GFP was purified from within the E.Coli, column chromatography was preformed for three different samples. The sample from the binding buffer did not show any glow, so no GFP was present. A faint green tint was seen with the wash buffer, meaning that some GFP was able to be separated. With the elution buffer, a bright green color was seen, which came from the release of all the GFP into the collection tube. Introduction: The Purpose of this lab was to purify GFP from the cells of the E.Coli, and mass produce it by itself. Protein purification is the separation of a specific protein from contaminants in a manner that produces a useful end product. GFP is an enzyme that is naturally found in a jelly fish that fluoresces, Aequoria Victoria, and “has often been used as a marker of gene expression, protein localization in living and fixed tissues as
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protein purification - Maria Tsiolkas Protein Purification...

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