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Unformatted text preview: Starvation-bodies main goal is to preserve LBM, In starvation, fat is the primary energy source; muscle and organ proteins are degraded to provide needed amino acids 2-3days 3-5days 7-10 2 weeks Glycogyen used up Mobilization of FA’s. Brain uses ketones for fuel Lose 1/2g protein/day- >used for gluconeogenesis \/ metabolic rate By 15% \/ in glucose use \/ luconeogenesis LBM is predictor if death. Injury-> bodys response is “all out offensive” to get past trauma. Releases catecholamines- “fight or flight” response.->stimulates glucagon(acts opp to insulin, breaks down fats/glycogen, mobilizes AA’s from LBM prevents anabolism. Cortisol-mobilizes FFAs, gluconeogenesis from AAs. ADH- /\H2O retention and BP. Aldersterone-H2O/Na+ retention, K+ excretion. Characteristics of stress- >1) hypermetabolism-1˚ function is glucose from gluconeogenesis. a patient’s energy and protein needs, the end result is hyperglycemia and muscle wasting.2) Synthesis of APP- complement C-reactive proteins in tissue repair. *lead to loss in LBM/protein wasting....
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