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Type 1 diabetes recommendations-> starvation method- less glucose in the blood from decreases COH in the diet COH restriction- 20% for COH when insulin discovered, meant to maintain euglycemia, high fat creates ketoacidosis b/c of absence of available glucose, insulin necessary for utilization of all 3 macros. Increase in COH rec- improvement in quality of insulin for type 1 diabetics, concern regarding CVD risk b/c of high fat content(lowered), diets thought of as one size fits all, assumed complex carbs better than simple carbs(slower digestion) Post 1990s- diets individualzed, use of glucometers, complex carbs not better.~ glycemic index-> looks at area under curve of glucose response after meal, not predictive of rate of glucose absorption, more branched COHs have higher GI(amylopectin), adding fat or protein lowers GI b.c of slowed stomach emptying, based on 100g of COH
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Unformatted text preview: glycemic load-> corrects for differences in COH content based on servings not grams.~ soluble fiber better for diabetics(legumes), use glucometers, carb counting type 1- eat at consisten times each day synched with insulin injections, 1 unit per 15g of COH, high soluble fiber content, total fat<30%, protein 10-15%(with nephropathy only) type 2-> moniter glucose and tg levels (dislipidemia), caloric restriction= weight loss, hig carbs is what raises TG levels, ~ (stage 1)fatty liver- alcohol dehydrogenase leads to a build up of NADH and acytealdehyde, body doesn’t think it needs krebs cycle and fatty acids build up, reversible if alcohol intake stopped. (stage 2)-hepatitis(inflammation) reverses w.out alcohol, (stage 3) cirrhosis- end stage, chronic alcoholism, scarred liver, increase bp, can rupture and cause death., high ammonia levels-lead to acoma....
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