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Fin320 par (Autosaved)

Fin320 par (Autosaved) - (weekly I have practiced this same...

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Austin Haywood 621088468 Stock-Track Trading Exercise What I hope to get out of this exercise and what tentative strategy I will pursue: In this exercise I hope to further my knowledge world market operates. I also hope to gain experience in stock trading so I can better my own portfolio. The strategy I plan on using for this project is a conservative, less-risky approach. I will invest in bonds, t-bills, and well-established company’s stocks. In addition, I will hold these investments for the full week and trade only as I have been instructed to in class
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Unformatted text preview: (weekly). I have practiced this same technique with my own investments. I am not expecting the short term growth that is associated with aggressive portfolios filled with stocks and more risky investments but I am trying to avoid the big of losses that those portfolios have. I have seen much success with my moderate and long term investments and I hope to see that continue through this class....
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