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Unformatted text preview: Poli Sci Quiz #5 Barthes-Semiology-“Things which are repeated are significant”-floods of light makes an open-air spectacle-wrestling is a spectacle-what matters is NOT what audience thinks but what it sees with wrestling-each moment is intelligible-no logical conclusion -sum of spectacles, no single one is a function-mythologies: gestures, superficial all we need to construct world around us “Being There”-greek word “idiot”-imbecile character-lucky as hell-empty vesile-ppl fill himself with what they expect-construct leaders, enemies, etc.-acts “echo-like”, provides ppl with cues to fill him in-there’s nothing else there-everyone knows the “story”-finishes line-“Life is a state of mind”-Ben-Chancy walks on water at end-Shirley McClain (Eve)-every character that encounters chance has the same problem-Chance will be president, “king makers” are the pall bearers-Jesus walks on water-Chance-we project what we think into him, completes story-take action, makes fun of people victimized by self delusions-Doc wants to explain what’s going on and stops when Ben says Chancy makes him feel good as he’s about to die-Chancy is the mirror-Ben likes himself, adulterated version-he lies Chancy because he likes...
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This note was uploaded on 12/10/2009 for the course POL SCI 215 taught by Professor Stefanschmidt during the Spring '08 term at Iowa State.

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Poli_Sci_Quiz_3 - Poli Sci Quiz#5...

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