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[RISE OF NATIONS] Windowed Width=1024 Windowed Height=768 FullScreen=1 VSync=1 AllowAllResolutions=0 IgnoreMinimizeOnTabOut=0 ConfigDatabase=BHGVidCardConfig.txt ESCKeyGoesToMenu=1 ClickDragTiming=5 ClickDragLowSensitive=20 ClickDragHighSensitive=64 ClickDragRightSensitive=6 SkipIntroMovies=0 ForceHardwareCursor=0 ForceGDICursor=0 ForceBWCursor=0 Don't Allow Texture Compression=0 SYS_grade_override(A-F or AUTO)=AUTO MEM_grade_override(A-F or AUTO)=AUTO CPU_grade_override(A-F or AUTO)=AUTO
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Unformatted text preview: GPU_grade_override(A-F or AUTO)=AUTO TEXTURE_grade_override(FULL, HALF, QUARTER, AUTO)=AUTO Console Coord Mode=0 Console Name Mode=2 Sound Enabled=1 UseVTUNEDLL=0 TestDelayRenderAMin=0 TestDelayRenderBMin=0 TestDelayRenderAMax=0 TestDelayRenderBMax=0 Force Profile Menu=0 Current Player=Tamer GameFrameTestDelayMin=0 GameFrameTestDelayMax=0 RenderMinimap=1 StartConsole=0 StartReveal=0 StartPaused=0 CTWMapScroll=35 CTWScrollInc=10 CtwSkipAttack=0...
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