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L21-EX 21.2 Bar and Block_1

L21-EX 21.2 Bar and Block_1 - α Now block Don’t know a A...

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The slender bar below has mass m and is pinned to a metal block of mass m A that rests on a smooth level surface. The system is released from rest in the position shown. What is the bar’s angular acceleration at the instant of release? Type of problem? Rigid Body Kinetics Next step? List unknowns – how many equations? a Gx , a Gy , A x , A y , α, a A , N -- 5 equations What can I do next? Kinematics! =0 Just algebra (8) into (1), then into (3), (7) into (2), then into (3), solve for
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Unformatted text preview: α Now block Don’t know a A – use (1) and (4) to relate them. Given: Find: m, m A , released from rest α of the bar First step? FBD, MAD Equations of motion – do bar first (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Released from rest, ϖ =0 (6) (7) (1) and (4) a Ax into (6) Do algebra to solve for a Gx α θ - + = 2 cos l m m m A A (8)...
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