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L20-IC1-robot - At the instant shown the arms of the...

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Problem Type: Find: Given: ϖ AB = -0.5, ϖ BC = 2, ϖ CD = 4 rad/s Force and couple at C First Step? At the instant shown, the arms of the robotic manipulator have constant angular velocities of ϖ AB = -0.5 rad/s, ϖ BC = 2 rad/s, and ϖ CD = 4 rad/s. The mass of the arm CD is 10 kg, and it’s center of mass is at it’s midpoint. What force and couple are exerted on arm CD at the joint C? Rigid Body Kinetics FBD and MAD. Just asks for forces at C, so will do MAD and FBD for arm CD only.
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