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Elizabeth Campbell Final Exam May 7, 2009 1. Job acts as if to challenge God by telling Him that He does not have the eyes of flesh; hence, He does not understand what it is like to be human. God does not respond to this challenge. Instead, His response is insufficient. All God responds with is a declaration that He is powerful and bigger than Job. Thus, in a way, God is validating Job’s point by reiterating that He has nonhuman characteristics. 2. When Jesus compares himself to a shepherd in the New Testmament, He is invoking the ways of the leaders of the Hebrew scriptures, more specifically, the Pharisees. This relates to the story of Moses. By Jesus creating the image of Himself as the Good Shepherd, He is actually contrasting Himself from the Pharisees, who rejected Moses whom God enlightened. The leaders of the Old Testament, mostly Moses and David, were like shepherds in the way that they worked to gather people to follow God. However, the Pharisees were not shepherds and instead they scattered this flock and rejected Moses. Furthermore, in the Old Testament, after the story of David, God promises to send a shepherd for His flock (referring to Jesus). Therefore, by Jesus being called the Good Shepherd, He is calling to mind the story of Moses and how the Pharisees, robbers, and thieves wrongly reflected the idea of a shepherd tending his flock whereas Moses acted like a shepherd and worked to gather his “flock.” 3. The three principles that Jesus uses to reinterpret Mosaic Law are inversion, interiorization, and intensification. Inversion is the basic system of justice and basically means that the insignificant becomes significant in the afterlife. The future is an inversion of what goes on in the present. An example of inversion is when Jesus proclaims to love your enemies: “love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you” (Matthew 5:44). This is not sane behavior and this extreme idea goes against every
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biblefinal - Elizabeth Campbell Final Exam May 7, 2009 1....

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