Review for Exam 2

Review for Exam 2 - oxidation-reduction surroundings...

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unsaturated solution strong acids single replacement saturated solution strong bases activity series supersaturated solution dynamic equilibrium reducing agent solvent naming acids and bases oxidizing agent solute oxoacids combustion concentration naming oxoacids combustion products precipitate naming salts redox stoichiometry hydrated ions acid salts energy molecular equation metathesis work ionic equation solubility rules kinetic energy net ionic equation acid-base neutralization potential energy strong electrolyte evolution of gases heat nonelectrolyte molarity temperature spectator ion dilution energy units acid stoichiometry state function base quantitative analysis system ionization reaction titration boundary monoprotic acid
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Unformatted text preview: oxidation-reduction surroundings polyprotic acid balancing redox rxns/acid universe acid anhydride oxidation numbers basic anhydride rules for oxidation numbers molecular base balancing redox rxns/basic open system Hess’s law closed system standard heat of combustion isolated system standard heat of formation heat capacity specific heat capacity heat flow calculations exothermic endothermic heat of reaction calorimetry constant volume constant pressure pressure-volume work 1 st Law of thermodynamics heat of combustion enthalpy thermochemical equation standard state standard heat of reaction enthalpy diagrams...
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Review for Exam 2 - oxidation-reduction surroundings...

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